Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Habits to Help Develop Imagination
How to Help Children Develop Creativity and Problem Solving Skills This link and photo come from a blog article which gives several easy suggestions for helping children develop their imagination. Creativity is often discouraged, unwittingly, by the routines of the day, the need of adults to answer all questions with facts and the desire for order and neatness in the house. These suggestions are not activities that parents need to set up but habits that can be developed when approaching any task. Note that the article particularly talks about toys and the fact that the more elaborate the toy, the less there is for the child to do with it. Infants and Toddlers haven't yet been caught up in the culture of "needing" the latest toy being promoted by TV or the movies. They can spend hours exploring simple objects and will use them creatively. Some suggestions are in the pages of this blog but the point is that it is not necessary to take the box away and expect the baby to play with the toy. Let them play with the box if they want to. Most of the habits in this article can be started from early infancy and can develop with the child.

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