Sunday, July 29, 2012

An interesting blog to check out.

The following link is to a blog that I follow and very much enjoy. The writer, Jen Logan, is a nurse and the mother of three, one of whom happens to have Down Syndrome. I worked in early intervention and had the pleasure of working with many families with infants who were deemed to have developmental delays, some of whom also had Down Syndrome. As Jen points out in this article, the dynamics of these families and the capabilities of their children were as varied as the number of families. It is not scary or sad nor is it heartwarming. It is a part of life. This blog, as a whole, focuses on her youngest son but covers family life and includes some great information on Down Syndrome as well as on normal family life. If you know someone with Down Syndrome, you may want to check out the blog but if you do not know anyone with Down Syndrome, you should check out her blog. You will understand a lot. By the way, I do not know Jen Logan. I found her blog through another blog but have been following if for a few months now.

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