Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Repost from Dr. Laura. I have mentioned some of these things and especially about not taking things personally. 10 excellent things to keep in mind and if you keep the second one, it really helps with the others! click on the link to read the article.
"Dr. Laura...What are the most important rules to raise good kids?" - Karen

"Love your neighbor as yourself...The rest is commentary." - Hillel
Research shows that the kids who act most ethically come from families with strong values, lots of discussion, and -- surprise! -- fewer rules!  That's because when kids just get used to following rules, they aren't thinking. If, instead, parents role model behavior that expresses their values, children come to value those things -- and they act accordingly, as long as they feel close to their parents. http://www.ahaparenting.com/_blog/Parenting_Blog/post/10_Rules_to_Raise_Terrific_Kids/

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